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Custom Flying Trapeze Rigs & Aerial Frames

Professional grade built by hand in the United States, available to ship around the world! Professional installation & maintenance available!

Trapeze Bars for Every Need!

Whatever kind of trapeze bar you need for your aerial art, we can customize colors, sizes or attachments. Catcher, singles or doubles, we have the perfect bar for you!

Custom Made Trapeze Safety Belts

Your personalized trapeze safety belt for personal or school/training use. Almost any color, custom fit, and can be embroidered with your name or company name!

Aerial Cubes and Hoops

Take circus literally everywhere you want to go with custom-designed pieces that fit your need for portability and accessibility Think it, we can make it!

Flying Trapeze Components

Whatever you need for your trapeze, we have it, custom-ordered or custom-made to your specs, with safety and security in mind, using the best materials!

Aerial Silks

Variety is the name of the game, with tissues and silks that match your brand or mood! In varying lengths and colors. We can help you decide!

Leather Hand Grips

The highest quality hand grips for the ideal bar grip for catchers or flyers. Custom sized for the perfect fit!

Custom Built Rigging & Gear

If you don’t see what you need listed on our site, reach out! We can probably make the equipment, rig, or accessories you need, to your specifications and needs!